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AAUP COVID-19 Update

Illinois Federation of Teachers Welcomes Columbia Faculty Union to Its Membership

Faculty Power Wins at Purdue! Forced Arbitration Dropped

Good News for AAUP Chapters!

College's Dismissal of Professor Was Likely Retaliatory

Proposed Changes to Sexual Harassment Regulations

Fall 2018 Academe

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Victory at Purdue: NDAs Dropped

Breathtakingly Inappropriate in Higher Education

Protect Liberal Arts Education

Spring 2018 Academe

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IL AAUP Spring Conference on April 21, 2018

They're Privatizing Purdue

Shared Governance under Attack in Wisconsin

Fighting Efforts to Weaken the Power of Faculty

2018 Elections for Delegates and Officers

AAUP Brief Supports Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Fighting for Our Future!

Fall 2017 Academe

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Individual Articles: Fall 2017 Journal of Academic Freedom Vol. 8
Check out the latest research.

Spring 2017 Academe

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Individual Articles: Fall 2016 Academe

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Individual Articles: Nominations Invited for 2017 Election of the AAUP Illinois Conference

Spring 2016 Academe

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Individual Articles: Working With Faculty Handbooks

Find the Perfect Person!

Register now for governance conference!

Shared Governance Conference and Workshops

Affirmitive Action Program Upheld

Censure, Title IX, and other AAUP business

Reserve Your Spot for the 2016 AAUP/AAUP-CBC Summer Institute

2016 Delegate Nominations for Illinois AAUP Conference

Nominations Invited for 2016 Election of the AAUP Illinois Conference

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IL AAUP Spring Conference on April 16, 2016

Fall 2015 Academe

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Individual Articles: AAUP Foundation

Call for Proposals and Papers

AAUP Foundation Moving Forward

Nominations Invited for 2016 Election

New AAUP Chapter at Dominican University

Looking for the perfect person? AAUP can help.

September-October 2015 Academe

AAUP 2014-15 AAUP Bulletin

AAUP Foundation

AAUP is looking for the next editor for our Journal of Academic Freedom

2016-2017 Fulbright Scholarship

Spring 2015 Academe

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IL AAUP Spring Conference on April 25, 2015

Journal of Academic Freedom Call for Papers

ASC Nominating Committee Final Report

2015 AAUP/AAUP-CBC Summer Institute

2015 AAUP Assembly of State Conferences

One Faculty Tabling

Fall 2014 Academe

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Individual Articles: The First Hundred Years

Nominations for ASC Executive Committee

Celebrating the AAUP's Centennial

Pre-order Your AAUP Redbook

AAUP Centennial Declaration

AAUP Annual Conference Call for Proposals

AAUP Council Nominations Sought

The Next Hundred Years

AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress Fall Regional Meeting

Volume Five of the AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom

2014 Bulletin of the AAUP

Collective Bargaining Rights for Graduate Assistants

From AAUP.org - Academic Freedom and Tenure:
Northeastern Illinois University

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Join me at the 2014 Summer Institute

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Webinar: Working with the Media

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Recognition awards and scholarships to attend the Summer Institute

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AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey

URGENT: Support Portland State University AAUP

2014 Annual Conference Early Bird Rates

IL AAUP Committee A Correspondence with Columbia College

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor Conference

2014 AAUP/AAUP-CBC Summer Institute

AAUP Opposes Anti-Boycott Legislation
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AAUP Statement PDF
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UIC Strike Update as of 2:26 PM Feb 17, 2014

Illinois Conference of the American Association of University Professors Statement of Support for the UIC Faculty

AAUP Member Webinar on Faculty Handbooks

2014 AAUP Elections

Submit a Proposal for the AAUP Annual Conference

Webinar: Contingent Appointments and Faculty Governance

Campus Equity Week

Call for Nominations

Can University Administrators Nullify A Supreme Court Decision?

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Obama's Rankings Won't Solve Crisis in US Academy

Academe Brings Faculty the Latest News and Thought-Provoking Commentary

New Volume of the Journal of Academic Freedom

AAUP 2007 Bylaws

AAUP Names Julie Schmid as Executive Director

P-fac Negotiation Update

IL AAUP Historic Stationary Found

The AAUP-CBC Summer Institute

May-June 2013 Academe

Illinois Conference Delegates 2013

Todd Alan Price, in response to the release of the Academic Freedom and Tenure

2013 Summer Institute Registration Begins

Salary Survey

Pictures From Spring IL AAUP Conference

AAUP Election Endorsements

Report Condemns Terminations of Tenured Faculty Appointments at Southern University, Baton Rouge

Updated edition of FMLA Handbook Now Available

ASC Awards

Legislative agenda for the Illinois Conference of the AAUP

Nominate that special someone or chapter

February 1 Deadline for Inclusion on the 2013 AAUP National Ballot

AAUP Report on the Inclusion of Contingent Faculty in Governance

Sign the BG Petition to stop the 100 firings!

Call for Nominations for the Assembly of State Conferences Executive Committee

The Role of the Faculty in Conditions of Financial Exigency

Welcome to the Illinois Conference of the
American Association of University Professors

The AAUP's purpose is to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good.

Our website provides members - and all others who are interested in us - information about our AAUP conference and our activities, as well as links to other state and national educational sites.

The following links are available at the top of each page:

Please contact us if you'd like any more information, or would like to join the IL-AAUP.


Michael J. Harkins
IL-AAUP President

Following is the IL-AAUP Officer and State Council, all of whom are committed to serving our conference.


State Office:

AAUP - Illinois Conference
3235 West Hollywood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659

Executive Committee:

Michael J. Harkins
Associate Professor of History
Harper College
Contact by telephone only

Vice President
Leo Welch

Diana Vallera
Photography Professor, Columbia College
Contact by telephone only

Diana Vallera

The people above constitute the Executive Committee of AAUP-IL.

Other State Council Members:

Daniel R. Tomal, Ph.D.
Department of Leadership
Concordia University Chicago
Contact by telephone only

Dan Tomal, Ph.D

Leo Welch, Past President
Department of Life and Health Sciences
Southwestern Illinois College
Contact by telephone only

John Leahy

John K. Wilson
Illinois Academe Editor
Contact by telephone only

John Leahy

Linda L. Brookhart
Executive Director
State Universities Annuitants Association
Contact by telephone only

Lisa Higgins
College of DuPage
Contact by telephone only

Todd Alan Price
Associate Professor, Educational Foundations and Inquiry
National Louis University
Contact by telephone only

Diana Vallera
Columbia College, Chicago

Past AAUP-IL Presidents:

Immediate Past President
Walter Kendall
Contact by telephone only

Professor Ken Andersen
Current Board Member
Professor of Speech Communication Emeritus
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2002 Galen Drive
Champaign, IL 61821-6010
(217) 359-5392
Contact by telephone only

John Leahy

Pangratios Papacosta, President
Science/Math Department
Columbia College
600 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 344-7443; FAX (312) 344 – 8075
Contact by telephone only

Prof. John Leahy
Religious Studies Department
DePaul University
Contact by telephone only

John Leahy