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IL-AAUP Meeting
Minutes for April 26, 2003
Illinois General Business Meeting


American Association of University Professors
Illinois Conference General Business Meeting
Minutes for Saturday, April 26, 2003 Meeting
Stevenson Hall, Illinois State University, Normal IL

The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m.

Council Members present: Pangratios Papacosta, President (Columbia College), Joan Berman, Vice President (Barat College, DePaul University (Emeritus)), Leo Welch, Immediate Past President (Southwestern College), Joseph Felder, Secretary (Bradley University), Melba Buxbaum (Blackburn College), Robert Hippensteele (Illinois Wesleyan University), Walter J. (Jerry) Kendall (The John Marshall Law School), Michael McIntyre (De Paul University), Jan Cook (ISU). Lesley Kordecki (Barat College, DePaul University). Michael Collins (Loyola University Medical Center)

Others Present: Lynne Meyer, Executive Director, John Wilson (graduate student at ISU).

Council Members Absent: Connie Caveny, Treasurer

Much the same material was covered as in the Friday, April 25 meeting, so please see those notes. These notes will focus on what was unique to the Saturday meeting.
President’s Report. All agreed that the Annual Meeting, just ended, had been absolutely outstanding, though poorly attended.

Pan Papacosta reported that Jan Cook had taken out a half page advertisement in the student newspaper, inviting people to attend the Annual Meeting.
Pan reported that the Council now had a website, developed by Mr. Ludwig.
Pan said that the visitation program was off to a good start, with the state organization reimbursing some of the expenses. More people are calling now. The state organization and the national organization have gotten involved in some local problems. One chapter in the state, at a private institution, wants to become a union chapter.
The website invites chapters to apply for a $300 grant ($500 for new chapters). Criteria and procedures are posted on the web.
We should be doing more to reach out to journalists, especially those who specialize in education.
We should consider creating a new annual award for an administrator who protects academic freedom, tenure, and shared governance. The winner should address the annual meeting at which the award is presented.
Treasurer’s Report
There was no Treasurer’s Report. Pan reiterated the problems. He said that we are in the black.
Jan Cook proposed that we engage an accountant to audit the books, and do so every time there is a change of treasurer. The motion passed unanimously.
Pan said that the President will be more involved in treasurer matters in the coming year. We still need a budget for the coming year and we will have to write a report for National.
Nominating Committee. The following recommendations of the Nominating Committee were approved unanimously:
For Secretary (2003 - 05): Joe Felder (Bradley University)
For Treasurer (2003 - 05): Anne Draznin (University of Illinois-Springfield)
For Council (2003 - 06):
Fred Widlak (National Louis University)
Lisa Townsley (Benedictine University)
John Wilson (Illinois State University)

A resolution thanking outgoing Council members Jim Johnson (Loyola) and Melba Buxbaum (Blackburn College) passed unanimously.
Report of Leo Welch, Editor of Academe and AAUP Lobbyist in Springfield.
Leo Welch reported on his Testimony before the IBHI on February 4, 2003, entitled “Response to: Report of Performance Indicator Advisory Committee to the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

ILBHE already has state “performance indicators.” And there is already a “national report card.”

Of immediate concern is a pilot study on Outcomes Assessment, prepared by the Pew Charitable Trust. The goal of Pew is to develop a standard measure for the nation for purposes of making state-to-state comparisons and for possible use by accrediting agencies.

Pew pays for the pilot but ILBHE and the institutions provide staff time.

[Get full text of Leo’s testimony via e-mail.]

The second page of Leo’s testimony quotes from the “Mandated Assessment of Educational Outcomes,” Report of the AAUP Committee on College and University Teaching, Research, and Publications, June 1991. Point 2 in the AAUP Report says that “The assessment should focus on... institutionally determined goals and objectives.” The pilot is “one size fits all.”

Point 1 in the AAUP Report says that “The faculty should have primary responsibility for establishing the criteria for assessment and methods for implementation. “ The pilot has people from outside the state and the ILBHE staff decides the criteria and methods. Within institutions it is implemented by staff, not faculty.

Institutions decide whether or not to participate in the pilot, but the institutional decision is made by university presidents, not by faculty.

After discussion we agreed that:
1. There should be different standards for institutions with different missions.
2. The purpose of the standards should be to assure quality and attainment of the institution’s own goals.
3. The standards should be developed by each institution, in particular by the faculty of each institution.

These three points conform to AAUP guidelines, which are virtually the same as those of the North Central Association (the main accrediting agency for our region).

We agreed on the following action items:

1. Distribute [or post] Leo Welch’s testimony, especially the points on the second page of his handout. [We did not agree on a final distribution list.]
2. Bob Hippensteele said that we should look at all of the relevant documents and deliberate before deciding what action to take. It was agreed to appoint an ad hoc committee to look at all of the relevant documents, deliberate, and propose a position paper and course of action to the Council via e-mail. It was agreed that the committee would be made up of Leo Welch, Ken Anderson, and Pan Papacosta.
3. Post the relevant ILBHE minutes on our website.
4. Invite “the appropriate people” to look at our website and solicit their comments.

Leo Welch is no longer on the Faculty Advisory Committee to the ILBHE, but Ken Anderson is on it and is chair, and Anne Draznin is also on it. We should get Ken’s summary of the Faculty Advisory Committee’s stand on the issue and possibly post it as well.
Executive Director’s Report. Lynne Meyers spoke about communication with chapters and members. We have about 1000 members in the state. We have now have e-mail addresses for about 90 percent. We are trying to find the other 10 percent.
The newsletter is monthly. It will now be bimonthly. [“Bimonthly” is an ambiguous term. I think we mean once every other month.]
The list of chapter officers is not up to date. Lynne is working with the National office on keeping records up to date.
The state website is up and running. Leo Welch suggested that chapters could be encouraged to use the state website as their website.
Committee on IL Academe. Joan Berman Lesley Kordecki reported that they have been looking into the purpose of IL Academe, and alternative formats and modes of delivery.
Ken Anderson will write an editorial in each issue.
National wants two mailings a year.
John Wilson suggested that we issue a very basic promotional item that directs people to the web. [I do not know if announced links to a webpage can substitute for the required mailings.]
It was agreed that the Executive Committee will decide on the new appearance of IL Academe. Pan will talk to some of the people at the Columbia Journalism School.
Delegates to the National Meetings. Ken Anderson and Pan Papacosta were approved as voting delegates, entitled to full reimbursement.
Leo Welch and John Wilson were approved to receive $500 each in partial reimbursement.
Concerns and Resolutions. It was agreed that AAUP at the state and national levels should develop closer relationships with accrediting agencies so that accreditation criteria better reflect fundamental AAUP principles.
Congratulations to Governor Blagojevich for preserving MAP intact. This program assists those students most in need of financial assistance.
We expressed concern over the fact that more and more administrators come from the corporate world and lack academic experience.
We expressed concern over the fact that many members of the faculty do not know or care about shared governance, due process, and academic freedom.
Close. There was a call for new business. Hearing none the meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.


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