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Minutes of April 26, 2002 Meeting
Illinois Conference Policy Council


American Association of University Professors
Illinois Conference Policy Council
Minutes of April 26, 2002 Meeting
The Faculty Club, Chicago IL

Council Members present:
Leo Welch, President (Southwestern College),
Joan Berman, Vice President (formerly of Barat/DePaul),
Joe Felder, Secretary (Bradley University),
Connie Caveny, Treasurer and Executive Secretary (UIUC),
Jim Johnson (Loyola), Melba Buxbaum (Blackburn College),
Pan Papacosta (Columbia College)

I. President Leo Welch called the meeting to order at 8:30 p.m.
Leo reported on the meeting of the Faculty Advisory Committee of IBHE (State of Illinois Board of Higher Education) that had taken place early in the week.
· They recognized Keith Sanders who is stepping down.
· The state budget for higher education was the main topic. The MAP (Monetary Awards Program) is in jeopardy. There will be a 3 to 4 percent total reduction in expenditures on higher education.
· IBHE has 10 positions appointed by the governor. Its decisions are binding on higher education. Public colleges are expected to respond to its recommendations. The IBHE can take away public funds and can deny transfer of credit. Leo has gotten the institution rotation schedule for the Faculty Advisory Committee of IBHE.
· The “Core Curriculum” proposal that would bring high school graduation requirements closer to college admission requirements may be endorsed by the IBHE at its June 4 meeting.

II. Electronic communication:
· There is no reasonable expectation of privacy. The system is the private property of the college and they can monitor it as they see fit. It is reasonable to assume that there is a filtering or monitoring system.
· Is such “snooping” a violation of academic freedom?
· Does AAUP National have a position on the issue that could serve as a guide for chapters and colleges?
· What is the policy at each college in the state? What limits do they impose on their snooping?

III. Communications:
· The Spring/Summer Newsletter is about to go to press.
· Leo wrote it all himself. He would appreciate copies of Chapter newsletters or links to articles on chapter web pages.
· Chapters can ask for grants to defray the cost of developing web pages and newsletters (?)

IV. Membership and Chapter Development:
· To justify our chapter dues structure we must report on our activities over the last 3 years. We can show increased activity, especially in lobbying legislators.
· We should expect to have our chapter dues lowered from the highest tier to the next highest tier.
· We don’t know our members except for those for whom we have e-mail addresses.
· We don’t know which chapters are active and which are dormant or defunct.
· We don’t know the officers in the various chapters.

V. Related Matters and Miscellaneous
· We have significantly more in our account than last year.
· The by-Laws state that the State Council shall consist of the Executive Committee (2 year staggered terms), 9 members elected by the Conference (3 year terms), and special members appointed by the President with the approval of the Council (2 year terms). Jim Johnson stated that the Council can be enlarged. (Do we have the full contingent of 9 elected members?).
· The Executive Secretary is an appointed member of the Council, not an elected member. It is a part-time paid position. The responsibilities and duties of the Executive Secretary are not clearly spelled out anywhere.

VI. Tomorrow’s Annual Meeting:
· The agenda as agreed to at our previous meeting did not materialize.
· We were too late in making requests for national speakers
· We could not invite chapter presidents because we don’t know who they are.
· Leo will provide an alternative program based on the IBHE Report entitled “Making All Faculty Count.”

VII. Meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.


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