AAUP-IL logo AAUP-IL Newsletter for March/April 2003
Details About the Annual Meeting
Dear Colleagues:


I look forward to seeing you at our Annual Meeting on Saturday the 26th of April at ISU (Illinois State University) at Bloomington - Normal. We will meet at Stevenson Hall, in room 101.

The meeting is open to all full and part time faculty, administrators and graduate students. (Only members can vote on resolutions and other motions.) I urge all those who can attend to do so. This will be a wonderful opportunity to:

o Come and meet colleagues and fellow AAUP members;

o Meet and hear from the national and state AAUP leadership;

o Vote on key resolutions;

o Pick up leaflets and important publications at subsidized prices;

o Support AAUP for what it represents.

Remember that AAUP is the voice of Academia. Your opinions do matter. Only with a united voice we can preserve an Academia that values Academic Freedom, Tenure, Due Process and Shared Governance.

See you at the meeting!

Pan Papacosta
President, AAUP-IL

26 March 2003
The Program
The program is exciting both in terms of speakers and in terms of subject matter. Here is a summary:

10:00 - 10:45am
Continental Breakfast

Welcoming Remarks

"The Value of Liberal Education" by Dr. Jim Perley (AAUP National President (1994 - 1998) and Dean Emeritus of Arts and Sciences at Millikin University)

Lunch (AAUP members and their guests will receive complimentary tickets)

News of ASC (Assembly of State Conferences) by Thomas E. Guild, Chair ASC

"Perspectives of Academic Freedom" Panel Discussion:

o Academic Freedom and Liberal Education
by Dr. Jane Buck (AAUP National President)

o Academic Freedom After 9/11
by Cary Nelson (AAUP Vice President)

o Academic Freedom and Students
by John Wilson (ISU Graduate student)

2:30 - 2:45pm
Coffee Break

AAUP- IL Business Meeting
Please find helpful maps at the ISU web site, www.ilstu.edu/map/. On the Campus Destinations window find and click on Stevenson Hall. Our meeting is in room 101 of Stevenson Hall. Unfortunately, no one specific parking area has been designated for us so I suggest you make use of any available parking sites on the campus. Some meters may be 60 cents per hour so have lots of change with you.
The Nominating Committee, composed of
Fred Widlak (National Louis University)
Anne Draznin (University of Illinois-Springfield)
Bob Hippensteele (Illinois Wesleyan University) and
Walter J. Kendall (The John Marshall Law School),
proposes the following nominations for upcoming vacancies on the Council:

For Secretary (2003 - 05): Joe Felder (Bradley University)
For Treasurer (2003 - 05): Anne Draznin (University of Illinois-Springfield)

For Council (2003 - 06):
Fred Widlak (National Louis University)
Lisa Townsley (Benedictine University)
John Wilson (Illinois State University)

Please be aware of item XI of our bylaws (you can download the Bylaws from our web site www.ilaaup.org). It suggests that in addition to the nominations made by the Nominating Committee, nominations can also be made by petition signed by at least 15 members but only a maximum of five from any one chapter. The President must receive such nominations at least five days prior to the annual meeting (i.e. by the 21st of April).
Members in good standing are entitled to submit resolutions for consideration by the Council. Approved resolutions will be presented at the business meeting for a vote.
Technical Editor: Lynne M. Meyer, Executive Director, AAUP-IL