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February 2003
Dear fellow AAUP members:


The February e-Newsletter is brief but filled with important information.

Feel free to contact me if I can assist you with any AAUP related matters. I or one of our experienced Council members will get back to you promptly.

P. Papacosta
President, AAUP - IL

The Latest on our Annual Meeting
Mark your calendars! The AAUP-IL annual meeting will be held on Saturday, the 26th of April 2003 at ISU (Illinois State University) Bloomington-Normal. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Jim Perley, past AAUP National President and former Dean of Arts and Sciences at Millikin University. His presentation will be on The Value of Liberal Education. A panel discussion on Academic Freedom will follow. Contributing to our annual meeting will be Dr. Jane Buck, current AAUP National President; Dr Tom Guild, chair of the Assembly of AAUP State Conferences (ASC); John Wilson, who is completing his Ph.D. thesis on academic freedom; and others. More details about the program, including maps and directions, will be provided in next month's newsletter. We will also let you know how to reserve your lunch tickets (lunch is free to all AAUP members and their guests).

I encourage all those who supervise graduate students to consider bringing some of them along. They are our future colleagues, and the sooner they know about AAUP the better. I also encourage you to bring along colleagues who are not AAUP members.
AAUP-IL Council Nominations
Nominations are now accepted for the following positions:
Secretary, to serve for the period of 2003 - 05
Treasurer, to serve for the period of 2003 - 05
Three Council members, to serve for the period of 2003 - 06

Forward your nominations to any one member of the AAUP-IL 2003 Nominating Committee. Please make sure that whomever you nominate has agreed to serve if elected.

Nominating Committee:

Fred Widlak (National - Louis University)
(630) 668 - 3838 ext.4382

Bob Hippensteele (Illinois Wesleyan University)
(309) 556 - 3149

Anne L. Draznin (University of Illinois at Springfield)
(217) 787 - 6161

Walter Kendal (The John Marshall Law School)
(312) 987 - 2377
$$$ Scholarships for new leaders
As part of our efforts to encourage and support leadership development, I invite all AAUP-IL members to consider applying for any one of the following scholarship opportunities. Members who are committed to serving their chapter and their academic institution should consider these opportunities. The scholarships support attendance at training seminars that are designed to provide useful information and opportunities for interaction with AAUP members from other states and with staff from our national office. Contact me if you need more information.

Four $500 AAUP scholarships are now available to AAUP - IL members:

1. Assembly of State Conference/Collective Bargaining Congress Leadership Training Seminar, March 29 - 30, 2003 in New York City.

ASC will provide two $275 Scholarships to recommended AAUP-IL members. AAUP- IL will add $225 to each for a total of $500 per scholarship. Nominations from chapter presidents or direct applications must be sent to me by March 10.

2. AAUP Summer Institute in July

Individual Scholarships for AAUP Leadership Development are now available. The Assembly of State Conferences (ASC) will provide our conference two grants of $325 and $315 to candidates recommended by AAUP- IL for attending the AAUP Summer Institute in July (location to be determined). AAUP- IL will supplement each of these two scholarships to a total amount of $500 apiece. I urge chapter presidents to nominate any of their members who have demonstrated leadership potential and a willingness to serve. Individual members can also apply directly for these scholarships.

Remember: in addition to these four scholarships, AAUP-IL offers grants of $300 and $500 to all our chapters or groups of members who wish to start a chapter. For more information visit our web site at www.ilaaaup.org (see Grants) or contact me directly at ppapacosta@colum.edu or (312) 344 - 7443.
o Our visitation program is working well. A number of our Council Members have already visited or contacted numerous chapters. Contact us to arrange a visit.

o Both our new web site and e-Newsletter have received compliments. In order to further enhance our communications and services, we ask for your suggestions and/or criticism. They are very helpful in our ongoing efforts to make this a more effective organization.

o Leo Welch, our Springfield lobbyist and past AAUP- IL president, represented us well in the latest IBHE meeting. One of the major topics of discussion was assessment. We will have more on that later.

Technical Editor: Lynne M. Meyer, Executive Director, AAUP-IL