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IL-AAUP Meeting
Minutes for April 16, 2004
Illinois General Business Meeting


American Association of University Professors
Illinois Conference Policy Council
Minutes for Friday, April 16, 2004 Council Meeting
Alumni Club, Chicago IL
Present: Pangratios Papacosta (Columbia College), President, Joan Berman (Barat College, DePaul University, Emeritus), Vice President, Joseph Felder (Bradley University), Secretary, Leo Welch (Southwestern Illinois College), immediate past President and Lobbyist, Lynne Meyer, Executive Director, Jan Cook (ISU), Walter J. (Jerry) Kendall (The John Marshall Law School), Lesley Kordecki (Barat College, DePaul University), Lisa Townsley (Benedictine University), John Wilson (ISU Graduate Student), Editor of IL Academe
Absent: Michael Collins (Loyola University Medical Center), Robert Hippensteele (Illinois Wesleyan University), Michael McIntyre (De Paul University), Frederic W. Widlak (National-Louis University)
The meeting was called to order at 8:25 p.m.
1) The Minutes for the Nov. 1, 2003 Meeting were approved.

2) Report of the President, Pan Papacosta
a) The most significant problem was financial accountability
b) We hired an accountant, Jordan Werblow. (Jordan reported to us at our November 1, 2003 meeting.) Instead of costing $100 to $3000, as anticipated, his bill was $6000, discount included.
c) Our Treasurer, Anne L. Draznin (U of I Springfield), resigned mid-term. Since there were no volunteers, Pan stepped in as Acting Treasurer. The Treasurer’s Report appears later in the minutes.
d) Pan wrote chapter development grant applications and succeeded in getting two grants from the Council of State Conferences
e) Applied to National for maintenance of current dues level and received tentative approval
f) Thanks to John Wilson, editor, there were three editions of of IL Academe. John sent them to all state conferences and to college presidents throughout the state.
g) We renewed our contract with the company that maintains our website.
h) Pan and John Leahy (DePaul University), Past President, were guest speakers at chapters that requested speakers.
i) Pan made the arrangements for the Annual meeting and thanks Ken Anderson for getting our speaker, Dr. Sylvia Manning, Chancellor of the U of I-Chicago.
New Business
a) “Administrator of the Year” award. Pan proposed that we give Sylvia Manning Chancellor of the U of I-Chicago) an “Administrator of the Year” award. This led to a heated discussion. In view of ongoing labor disputes and an organizing drive on her campus Jerry Kendall and Leo Welch thought that the award was improper and premature at this time.

Jerry Kendall made a motion to appoint a committee to develop criteria and process for such an award and to report back to the Council at our next meeting. John Wilson proposed that it not be limited to administrators, but be open to all non-faculty, including, for example, legislators and journalists, as well as administrators.
b) Report of the Nominating Committee. Members present and reporting: Lisa Townsley (Benedictine University) and Walter (Jerry) Kendall (The John Marshall Law School). Other members were Peter N. Kirstein (History & Political Science, St. Xavier) Ken Kantor (sp?) (National Lewis), Ken Anderson (U of I). Walter Kendall chaired.
Nominees are:
President: Pan Papacosta
V.P.: Leo Welch
Treasurer: Lisa Townsley
Council members at large: Peter N. Kirstein (History & Political Science, St. Xavier), Lee Maltby (Social Work, St. Augustine)

We also discussed creating a new Council seat for contingent faculty and appointing Joe Berry to that position.

Pan asked if anyone present would be willing to serve on the next nominating committee, and Lisa Townsley and Walter (Jerry) Kendall both agreed to do so.
After submitting the report of the Nominating Committee Lisa and Jerry left the meeting early. .
c) External Activities: Pan Papacosta, Ken Anderson, and Leo Welch attended the Annual National Meeting as voting delegates from Illinois. John Wilson and Joe Felder also attended (Joe as a member of the National Council). The Illinois Conference sent Lynne Meyer and Leo Welch to an AAUP Summer Institute in New Mexico. Leo Welch was the keynote speaker at the Kansas State Conference.
d) How to revitalize the Conference and chapters. We will continue to try to identify chapter officers. We will improve the webpage, newsletters, and IL Academe. Pan wants to prepare a brochure: “What Your Conference Can Do For You,” and distribute it to chapters. It would about $1000-$1500. Joan Berman (Barat College, DePaul University, Emeritus) so moved and the motion passed unanimously.

Leo Welch suggested that we consider providing workshops.on Academic Freedom at the meetings of other organizations, such as the Statewide Teaching and Leaning Conference in Springfield.
e) Proposed changes for next year’s Annual Meeting. Pan Papacosta proposed that he Council meet Saturday morning, instead of Friday night. Lunch would be provided to Council members. The General Meeting would be from 1 to 3:300, followed by the business meeting.
f) Treasurer’s Report. Pan Papacosta, acting treasurer, gave the report.
A motion was made empower the President and the new Treasurer to formally apply for 504-C tax status or whatever other tax status seemed most appropriate to them, and to sign, on behalf of the Illinois State Council, all state and federal legal documents necessary to establish and maintain our status as a tax exempt organization. The motion passed unanimously.
We now have a valid IRS Tax ID number.
In view of the cost overrun with our former accountant, Pan has hired a new accountant.
Joan Berman moved acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report
g) IL-Academe. John Wilson (ISU Graduate student), editor, reiterated the need for news from chapters. John is considering adding state legislators to the distribution list.
h) Barat and Mergers, generally. Lesley Kordecki (Barat College, DePaul University), proposed addressing the Barat experience and the concept of mergers in IL-Academe and elsewhere. She stated that AAUP should be involved in developing policies and standards.
i) Legislative Report, Leo Welch. Leo attended the ACS CBC Conference in Denver, where he learned about an attempt by state legislators to identify and publicize the political affiliations of the humanities faculty. While the attempt is on hold, public universities have agreed to look into the political affiliations of their faculty. This may be the start of a national movement.

Leo reported on IL HB 4073 that would have empowered public university trustees to determine criteria for tenure and make tenure decisions. The sponsor’s intent was to reduce perceived racial bias. The sponsor tabled the bill after many groups, including AAUP expressed strong opposition.

Leo reported that there is a Legislative Coalition for increasing funding for higher education. Jan Cook (ISU) moved that we join the coalition, pending approval by National. The motion passed unanimously.
j) Delegates to the Annual National Meeting. We agreed that the Conference can sponsor 4 delegates. Names mentioned included Pan Papacosta, Leo Welch, and John Wilson. Joe Felder goes at little or no expense to the Illinois Conference because he is a member of the National Council. Delegates will be chosen at tomorrow’s Open Business Meeting.
k) Summer Institutes. We agreed that the Conference can sponsor one or two people to attend summer institutes.
l) New Business: None

Meeting Adjourned at 10:20 p.m.


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