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Minutes from the November 9, 2002 Meeting
Illinois Conference Policy Council


American Association of University Professors
Illinois Conference Policy Council
Minutes from the November 9, 2002 Meeting

Council Members present:
Pan Papacosta, President (Columbia College Chicago);
Joan Berman, Vice-President (Barat College of DePaul University);
Lynne M. Meyer, Executive Secretary (Columbia College Chicago);
Leo Welch, Past President (Southwestern Illinois College);
Jan Cook (Illinois State University);
Jim Johnson (Loyola);
Lesley Kordecki (Barat College of DePaul University);
Jack Leahy (DePaul University);
Michael McIntyre (DePaul University).

I. Welcome and Approval of Minutes:
President Pan Papacosta called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.
· Minutes were presented, and unanimously approved, from the April 26 and April 27, 2002 meetings.
· Guidelines for posting minutes on the new website were established.

II. Reports:
a. President’s Report
· Connie has stepped down from her role as Executive Secretary, with Lynne Meyer taking on the position. There is now a new phone number, mailing address, and email address. There is also a new website for AAUP-IL, and a full listing of members’ email addresses.
· In light of recent events, Pan reiterated that it is imperative that we clearly define procedures for chapter funding.
· Pan informed the council of Jim Reid’s resignation.
· Lesley reported that there is (unverified) news from one university that they are considering getting rid of the entire undergraduate program.
· The resignation of Quincy College’s president was acknowledged.
· Pan shared an email sent to Connie about a recent case concerning entitlement. Jan elaborated on the issue of procedures in such matters.
b. Executive Secretary’s Report
· Lynne elaborated on the administrative changes touched on by Pan. She also more fully described the new AAUP-IL member email address list that she has compiled. She also asked that people inform her of their preferred address, should they have more than one.

III. Annual Meeting:
· ISU was unanimously approved as the site of the annual meeting, with April 26, 2003 as the date.
· Joan suggested that the council meeting be held the same day as the general meeting, so as to avoid necessitating an overnight stay. Lesley suggested that it be held immediately afterwards. This was unanimously approved.
· Speakers and topics for the annual meeting were offered, but no final decision was made.
· The council agreed unanimously on limits for speaker compensation.
· The date and location of the annual meeting will be advertised in the next issue of the Academe.
· Steps were taken to form a nominating committee to deal with upcoming council vacancies.
· It was unanimously approved that henceforth the word “mail” in all bylaws be understood to also refer to email.

IV. Communications:
· L. H. Ludwig’s continued service as webmaster for the new website was unanimously approved.
· Pan proposed that we begin sending monthly electronic newsletters to our members. Lynne profiled the company that she and Pan recommended be used to facilitate this ( The council unanimously approved.
· Pan will invite chapters to submit news and upcoming events for inclusion on the web and in the Academe. There is also sufficient space on the website for each chapter’s contact info and other information.
· The format, purpose and effectiveness of the Academe were reexamined.
· Council members chose at least one chapter – not their own – to visit.

V. Chapter Development:
· A new grant has been made available by the national office.
· Procedures for grants requests and approval were more clearly defined. The Council recommended that the ultimate decision to approve proposals rest with Pan.
· Pan recommended increasing the per chapter grant limit. Suggestions were offered. Pan will formulate the guidelines.
· Lesley suggested that descriptions of all available grants be posted on the website.

VI. Report and Discussion on Benefits:
· Jack Leahy reported a recent rumor at a certain university that a change in benefits was in the works. While the university has announced that there will be no such change, Jack nevertheless felt that it might be useful to compare each university’s benefits – costs, etc.

VII. New Business:
· On November 4 of this year Leo attended a meeting where the big issue was the Collective Bargaining Congress and its decision to explore the possibility of affiliating with the AFL-CIO. There will be another meeting in December to further discuss this. Leo asked for funding to attend. This was unanimously approved.

· The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.



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